BW photographies

digital prints on HM Ultra Smooht paper

40 x 60

about 50 pcs

There are two sides to every swan.

The swan series was made in winter 2009-2010 in Prague as a reaction to the seemingly

unavoidable nature of taking picture of swans – every tourist and photography enthusiast

‘has to’ take a photograph of swans, often on the backdrop of Karlův most (Charles Bridge)

or the Hradčany (Castle District) panorama. Swans are very photogenic, are they not? They

are elegant and pure, they gently sway on the Vltava River. Swans are loyal and can often be

found on the top of a wedding cake or on a hotel bed made of folded towels. Swans have become

kitsch. I had an itch to photograph a swan, too and so I thought to myself… how do I take this

infamously popular photographic theme and transform it away from kitsch and towards my opinion

about kitsch in photographs.