Last minute


hand drawn slides 24 x 36 mm

various techniques

80 pcs

Collection of slides bought in online auctions where I was the only bidder, bidding at the last possible moment.

Unknown people, strange towns, someone else’s point of view and bygone times. Everything is captured on 24x36mm

frames of positive film. Excursions, trips, vacations, business trips, holidays, even scientific expeditions. First of all I

casually slip into the “trips” of others, into their stories and only then I transform them according to my train of thought.

Something is added, something is taken away and thereby all the rest is brought into focus, layered or disposed of. This

is one of my series where I use photography to travel in time and space. It makes me part of the story, a story lived by

someone else, but that is now in my hands. The collection already counts 80 slides. Looking at vacation photographs

like these won’t bore anyone to tears.