digital photograms

digital print on Hahne Muehle Photo Rag Baryta

15 x 15 cm

20 pcs

Photograms created in a computer program /Photographic programs are based on the possibilities of analogue photography. Making digital photograms was a challenge I set for myself, I wanted to see if it was possible to master basic photographic techniques in a “digital darkroom”.

I had no spare time nor energy that I could dedicate to photography. Too many hours spent at my day job. Hours spent working in Photoshop. This was the reason why I needed something that could be done during my working hours. Something simple. And of course I always think in terms of photography. Photoshop, the app that hails from the possibilities of film photography. The basis of photography – light and shadow. Sharpness – blur. This led me to photograms. Which are probably the first assignment I got at the photography school.